Tetra Aquaria is a tropical freshwater fish breeder, located at Jl Pelabuhan 2 km 5, Sukabumi City, West Java, Indonesia. Our specialists are to breeding variant of tropical freshwater fish species from many countries, especially from the South Americas Continent (Amazon waters), African Continent (Tanganyika Cichlid) and the Asian Continent (Indonesian surrounding waters).

We started this business in 2005 on an area of – + 700 m2, and till today we are one of the largest producers in West Java that breeds fish from the Loricariia, Danios and Callychtyis families, as well as various newest variety of the Poecillia family fish . We always experiment in actual cultivation technology considering we always add new exotic fish collections that Indonesian ornamental fish lovers can enjoy.

Our 15 years experience as a breeder is a basic fundamental for us to produce high quality ornamental fish products. In addition, we are experienced as suppliers of ornamental fish to several ornamental fish exporters in Indonesia continuously, at competitive prices.  

Our motto is “Give the best to everyone, anywhere who can enjoy the beauty of our fish production.” That’s why we are always looking for new ways to improve breeding, maintenance and shipping techniques so that our customers can have the best products from us.