Our Team

tetraquaria team

“Tetra Team-Mate”

Our focus for many years has been to focus on delivering the best quality, service, and dependability.

We are constantly searching for the best suppliers from around the globe to bring the best fish to you. But one thing that doesn’t change between our suppliers is being held to the same high standards. 

We carry this standard of quality through our building, dialing in our systems to best match the needs of the fish in order to reduce any stress as much as possible.  And with over ten years of experience, we have refined our handling and shipping methods to get them to you in the best shape possible.

Retailers are assigned their own sales reps who will learn their needs in order to best advise them on the fish that will excite hobbyists in their area. This unsurpassed hands-on attention allows retailers to have a fully customized service that works for them. And in the rare instance where a problem does arise, we’ll do everything we can to fix it.